Name: Amon the Djinn

Name: Amon the Djinn

Name: Amon the Djinn

Type: Monster/Trickster

Motivation: Create Chaos

Powers: Telekinesis, Illusion, Whirlwind

Immunity: Fire

Weaknesses: Salt, Silver, Binding ritual using the djinn’s name

Attacks: Telekinesis 2-4 Harm Close, Whirlwind 1-3 Harm Area

Armor: 1

Harm Capacity: 10

Custom move: Creates illusion of boundless desert around Hunters, disguising everyday surroundings and making it more likely they will hurt themselves by falling down unseen stairs or walking into traffic.

Notes: Amon is a red ghul who eats the dead and can take their shape if he wishes, although he prefers possessing the living. He was once owned by Alibaba. In his true shape he is made of smokeless fire and is generally man-shaped with the legs of a donkey and horns of a goat. He is accompanied by an astronomical anomaly: countless shooting stars are seen nightly above the place he was awoken until he is bound or destroyed. This brings scientists and cranks out of the woodwork, giving Amon even more people to wreck havoc upon.

Name: Dr. Laura Wade

Type: Minion/Guardian

Motivation: Protect djinn until her wishes are fulfilled

Powers: Telekinesis

Weakness: Magic

Attacks: Hands 1 Harm Intimate, Telekinesis 2-4 Harm Close

Armor: 0

Harm Capacity: 8

Note: Dr. Wade is the first person Amon possesses when she inadvertently awakens him. Possession is manifested by the person floating several feet above the ground while appearing to burn inside. While Amon is in control, he has access to all his powers, although he can be cast out through magic. He will then seek to enter the nearest living creature, including Hunters. This leaves his victims exhausted and confused, with no memory of what occurred during the possession.