Name: Mr Creeper

Name: Mr Creeper

Name: Mr Creeper

Type: Monster/collector

Motivation: to steal victim’s minds leaving them in a coma.

Powers: telekinesis, give nightmares with its nightmare key, teleportation through shadows.

Weakness: iron, shadow realm psychic combat, sunlight.

Attacks: telekinesis 1-3

Nightmare key 3 (ignore armour, intimate, take -1 ongoing on all

rolls till a good nights sleep)

Armour: 2

Harm capacity: 10

Name: Nightmare fairy

Type: minion/scout

Motivation: to find victims and mark them with a small keyhole mark with there acidic tongue. Then eat the mindless victims afterwards.

Powers: flight, claws, acidic spit

Attack: claws 1

Acid bite 1 (ignore armour)

Armour: 0

Harm capacity: 2

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  1. Well I’m not even sure my hunters completely finished him off or just drove him back into the nether realms. So who knows where he’ll next break into our world.

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