Hi all, I’m the new moderator.

Hi all, I’m the new moderator.

Hi all, I’m the new moderator. For those who don’t know me I go by Epistolary Richard for most of my gaming. Aside from being a Monsterhearts fan, I’m also one of the co-ordinators of London Indie RPG Meetup. Monsterhearts made a big splash in London even before its Kickstarter ended and I’ve played around 25 different games of it, some at Indiemeet, but many running it at various conventions in the UK, some with hardened story gaming vets, some with folk completely new to this type of gaming. As I’ve commented separately to Jenn, one of the reasons that I was interested in this role was that, for me, Monsterhearts has had an impact beyond the rules written within it or the games of it I’ve played. I’ve seen it have an impact in changing our hobby, welcoming in a more diverse group of gamers and encouraging me to create and explore a greater diversity of characters.

As we are at Indiemeet, I’m a great believer in the Powered by the Apocalypse maxim of “To do it, do it”. If there’s something you’d like to see happen within this community then take the lead to make it happen. If there are tools that I can use to support you, then do ask, but I’ll be following your lead, not the other way around.

Finally, I was privileged to help support Avery in coming over to visit the UK and met them while they were over here (and am also the thrilled recipient of their rules on playing lacrosse and basketball in a game). My priority in moderation is to encourage an accessible culture of play. Communicating over the internet is always fraught with pitfalls so I ask that folk listen more than they speak and seek to understand rather than accuse. 聽

5 thoughts on “Hi all, I’m the new moderator.”

  1. 聽I for one welcome our new Epistolary Overlords.

    More srsly, thanks for stepping up Richard, you are a star.聽 And I hope you share with the group your Monsterhearts/Dark Dungeons crossover!

    If you need a spam buster mod, let me know, glad to help out.

  2. Thank you Richard Williams聽! 馃檪 I still remember Tamar and Aaland very fondly. And you said your piece there very well. 馃檪

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