I have a question about some moves…

I have a question about some moves…

I have a question about some moves…

First, the We Got Gold move from the Leader : it is stated : “Take -1 Spirit for each hold you get”. So is it only when the player gets a 7-9 or even if it’s a 10+? So isn’t it a bit much if the player loses 2 or even 3 spirit points at once?

Second, concerning the Horseman. i noticed than nearly all of his moves are rolled +steel. Now the player gets to choose between a horse that gives him +1steel or another one who gives him +1edge. Aren’t you afraid that the players will choose the +1steel horse as most of their horseman moves will be rolled with this stat? Maybe would it be more balanced if at least one move could be rolled +edge? I just say that because i know that this is something players will tend to look at even if don’t like to optimize their character. But it certainly seems to work fine the way it is!

Third, concerning the Hunter. Do you think a player who has the Grand falconner move could add +2Brains to tracking/hunting tests if he chose the smart dogs from the Master of Hounds move? To me I’d say why not, even if the falcon is going to be way much faster than the dogs but they could help too. On the other hand maybe is it a bit overpowered mechanic-wise?Again just said that cause I know my players and this is totally the kind of question some of them might ask.

Thanks! 馃檪

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  1. We Got Gold: usually the Leader – when managing to establish indeed a leading role within the group – has quite a few chances to increase Spirit. When we played it at the table we were never in trouble for the high price to pay for the holds.

    I believe it can become an issue if the Leader takes this move as his regular “source of income” while instead he should resort to it as a sort of once-per-adventure-when-it’s-really-critical sort of a thing.

    But then, if someone plays this move three times per session getting 2 or 3 holds each time, I’ve got nothing against him going low on Spirit. It’s interesting, and it’s as it is supposed to be (getting dirty for mixing with your old noble family).

    Nevertheless, if you see that it becomes an issue in a game of yours, please let me know.

    (the rest, tomorrow)

  2. Horseman: yes, you have a point there. I think there are plenty of occasions for the horseman to be called to roll with different stats (on basic and peripheral moves) but yes, his own moves are mostly focused on steel.

    It might not be too much of an issue – the character is sort of ‘maxed’ on that stat in purpose.

    When fiction calls for something else, then he might be in trouble, of course… and then try to set things straight with Steel – in other words, fighting, which always solves things, you know 馃檪

    (Also, you can look at it the other way – all is on Steel, then I pick a plus 1 Edge horse to compensate..)

    I’ll see if it makes sense to tune some moves, though.

    Hunter: oh, yes, hounds and hawk will definitely give a +2 if used together. I don’t think it’s overpowered: that’s what the hunter does. Tracks monsters.

    I don’t see a monster getting away that easily when a hunter is on its track, with hounds and a hawk watching from the sky. I were to play the hunter I’d be totally aiming to have both – and I’d expect the GM to give me plenty of occasions to show off.

  3. Nice! Thx for the answers Davide. The matter I had with the We Got Gold move was mostly because the Leader didn’t really get lot of +1spirit as he was a bit “quiet” let’s say. So I’ll emphasize that he should take the lead when he can not to say all the time! 馃槈

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