Hey Imperilers!

Hey Imperilers!

Hey Imperilers! After numerous life delays, I’m finally getting around to wrapping up my commitment to the WiP Kickstarter. Apologies to all the backers for falling behind. Here’s a draft of the new cover (and tweaked title). Kyle Simons suggested that I consider running some of the content of the supplement by the folks in this community, since you’re the prime audience for it, so I may try to do that over the next few weeks.

As a reminder, here’s what this project is about:

On an alien planet, in a magical land, in a zombie apocalypse, in an alternate reality, in a far-future dystopia, or if supervillains take over… the world’s heroes still rise. How are they different and what do they fight for, across a series of worlds gone mad?

PARALLEL WORLDS is a mini-supplement for Worlds in Peril that provides guidelines for playing superheroes in a variety of alternative settings beyond urban heroics. It also provides a streamlined ruleset for use in pick-up games and one-shot adventures.

These two portions can be used together, but the guide to alternate superhero settings is also meant to be used alongside the full, standard rules for Worlds in Peril, particularly in an ongoing campaign.

18 thoughts on “Hey Imperilers!”

  1. Super keen. Our group was just talking the other day about a Wanted style supers game where the villains had triumphed and the heroes were really on the back foot.

  2. Yeah, I’m aiming for the pick-up rules to be super straightforward, while still containing most of the major features of WiP. Not 100% on how to streamline character creation yet. Maybe borrow from Danger Patrol? Pick two things off lists and combine them?

  3. Glad to hear that it is progressing!

    Sadly, I have to wait to the non-backers turn.

    Second season of my current campaign will take place in an future camelotesque alternative version of the historical Mercia, homeland of one of the characters and this fantastic suplement will be very valuable.

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