Love WiP! I start my game next week, and I already have a plan for my group’s first nemesis. However, I do have a question about the EiC sheet. At the top, there’s a section marked ‘Organisations’, with four lines headed ‘Instinct’ underneath. Am I missing something? I didn’t see reference to this anywhere in the rules. I assumed it was meant to represent organisations not directly linked to the villain’s plot (the police, city hall, etc), but a little clarification would be great. Also, do Heavy Hitters & masterminds get their own sheets? There doesn’t seem to be room for them on the EiC sheet. Thanks for your time. I love this game! 馃檪

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  1. Hi Colin! So the EIC sheet is meant to be more for brainstorming before a session and for reference during a session so organizations can be whatever you need them to be – they could be other factions at work in the game that could be being used by the mastermind, hindering the players, or just otherwise important or part of the story. The instinct there is their motivation – what they’re working towards in the fiction.

    I always end up turning the paper over and putting more threats in there that I need with some cool moves if I have time to come up with stuff, or just for when I need something to scribble on.聽

    But yeah, it’s just there to get to visualize the first couple parts of the narrative so you’ve got something to start gaming with – once the players get going you’re going to have to run with things and change stuff up, but if you’ve got the basic players and their motivations in front of you on the EIC sheet it should make that improve a lot easier and more fluid.

  2. Thanks Kyle…it might be that I’m looking for complexity where none exists. I’ve run superhero games for years, and they’re usually all dry, points-based affairs where the story takes a backseat to the system. It’s great to find one that goes the other way! I ran my first session last night over Roll20, and it was an instant hit, with zero prep time! Thanks so much…this game is a winner!

  3. Oh, it gets better…the first session was run over the internet for one friend, but the one I ran last week at the games club I attend every Wednesday was fantastic! I had three players, all jumping out of their seats! Worrying less about system minutiae gave me more time to advance the story, and it went so well that I’m running again next week! I was only supposed to replace our regular GM for one week, since he was away, but now my group are demanding more WiP!聽

  4. That’s awesome news! Did you use pre-gens or did you do character creation with them as well? Always enjoy hearing the kinds of powers players come up with.

  5. We sat as a group and made our own. We have Timbre, a 1600-year-old Visigoth werewolf with a long & violent past, Owari, a Japanese assassin who has a special relationship with Death, and Gauss, a street punk-turned-superhero who can absorb & channel electrical energy in creative & devastating ways! They went up against an ancient order of warriors called the Court of Blades, who were besieging a police precinct to extract a turncoat who was going to testify against their leader. Turned out to be a frame-up, just to get the turncoat close enough to the DA to assassinate him, but our heroes won the day with only a minimum of harm to themselves and their bonds!

  6. Session Highlight: Timbre took a shot to the flank from a rooftop sniper, so prepared to run & jump onto the roof to take her out. As he started running, though, she shifted her sights from him to a civilian nearby, as if to say ‘Your move, furball’. All he could do was stand down and let her escape. Beautiful moment!

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