The Werewolf – Alternative backstories

The Werewolf – Alternative backstories

The Werewolf – Alternative backstories

Here are a couple of suggestions for alternative backstories for the Werewolf. What are yours?

You’ve used your powers to take someone’s role in the school team.

Someone you know wears the mark of the Hunters.

One thought on “The Werewolf – Alternative backstories”

  1. Someone smells like prey

    Someone threatens you as an alpha.

    Someone has seen you in wolf form….. Who is it? What happened exactly? What are their thoughts and reactions? (Examples include…… “There’s a weirdass giant wolf running around! I should call animal control and tell them.” “OMIGODMONSTER!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!” “Welp THAT right there is definitely a werewolf……….for sure. Cool! I should find out who it is and/or study it….. For SCIENCE!”)

    You lost your temper and almost hurt someone….. What happened?

    Someone smells like like the most amazing thing ever…….. You can’t get enough, you want to be around them all the time. What do they smell like?

    Someone got attacked by a wolf that night you can’t remember………. Whoops?

    You saved someone once in your wolf form……. What happened?

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