Hey, friends who like Monsterhearts!

Hey, friends who like Monsterhearts!

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Hey, friends who like Monsterhearts!

For months, I’ve been considering the idea of a revised edition of Monsterhearts. I’ll talk a little in the comments about some of the things on my to-change list, but more importantly: I’d like to gather some input about experiences of play.

I designed this survey: http://goo.gl/forms/NVP3diDfXzywR6V52

If you’ve played/MCed the game, I’d love it if you could fill it out. Doing so will probably take 10-45 minutes, depending on how diverse your play experiences are and how verbose you get.

(In a way, this is also me testing the waters for whether there’s an enthusiastic market for a second edition. More responses means more confidence about the idea of moving forward.)

6 thoughts on “Hey, friends who like Monsterhearts!”

  1. ho, dang. Finally bought a physical copy of the book this weekend after running off the PDF for years. But I’m still super-excited about the possibility of a second edition.

  2. This game is so beautifully done, I’m not sure it even needs a second edition, but I would totally buy it anyway. I’ll take the survey and maybe I’ll think of something. 🙂

  3. Second what Adam said, the game doesn’t really need another edition, it’s perfect for what it intended to do.

    That said, I think A second edition would be great if it included new Skins (from the online community, Second Skins and other sources) and a clearer text explaining moves and the whole logic of the game. I think there’s still much “Apocalypse World” in it, and it’s not very intuitive if you haven’t played RPGs before, and mostly confusing if you have played only old-school, D&D-like games.

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