14 thoughts on “Hey folks.”

  1. Half of the characters in my game are that age. You lose some of the “adults tell you what to do” punch when you are basically an adult yourself though.

  2. Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t really have an authority figure NPC/group of NPCs they listen to. The closest would be the Time Masters, which they don’t really listen to. It and Gotham are the only DC TV shows currently running that don’t have that particular dynamic from what I can tell.

  3. The actual age doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the characters’ self-images are vulnerable to the judgement of others, which is easiest to do with teens but can work with anyone new to the superhero biz.

    With a little tweaking, it might even work for a group of old Gold-generation heroes (but not the legendary ones, the obscure ones everyone forgets) coming out of retirement and trying to make their name as a super-team in a world that’s very different from how it was when they were younger.

  4. I would agree with some of the others that it’s not as much about age as it is about heroes coming to terms with their powers and figuring out what kind of heroes they are going to be.

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