[b]Pre-Metatopia Content[/b]

[b]Pre-Metatopia Content[/b]

[b]Pre-Metatopia Content[/b]

(This is just taken from the Stop, Hack, & Roll website. We had a couple of episodes on Pasion de los Pasiones that may or may not be interesting to people! LOTS of changes happened after the first episode, but I still figured I’d make it available!

Pasión de los Pasiónes

A GM-Fluid PbtA hack that aims to capture the feeling of the most dramatic of media, the telenovela. Players take on the roll of characters in a Latinx soap opera for a single episode. Pasión de los Pasiónes is meant to play fast and a little meta, with frequent attention paid to the audience and how they react to characters.

For more information check out Episode 4 and Episode 13 as well as on Twitter with #PasiondelosPasiones!

http://www.stophackandroll.com/2016/06/episode-04-el-pasion-de-stop-hack-roll/ (Episode 4)

(Episode 13 link coming as soon as I can figure out where it is)