John Layton and I are finally done with our MASSIVE World of Darkness supplement for Urban Shadows.

John Layton and I are finally done with our MASSIVE World of Darkness supplement for Urban Shadows.

John Layton and I are finally done with our MASSIVE World of Darkness supplement for Urban Shadows.

If you want to have the group play all as a singular archetype (ie. just Vampires or just Mages) or if you want to play in typical Urban Shadows fashion with a mixed group, this game works.

This supplement includes:

Changeling the Lost

Vampire the Masquerade

Hunter the Vigil

Orpheus (Wraith was just not a good combination with US.)

Mage the Awakening


Werewolf the Forsaken

Demon the Fallen

This add-on doesn’t take the game away from being Urban Shadows. It is still the great game that Andrew Medeiros created, but just a 100x more World of Darkness(-ey).

I have included an altered XP system based on the XP styling from AW: Dark Age since US focuses on multi-supernatural entanglements, and some groups may want to focus on single supernatural confrontations.

Steve Moore and Chris Riexax were both huge contributors at the beginning.

Big thanks from T. Franzke for helping me move past the +1 type moves to mostly narrative based moves.

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  1. After hearing about this game on the Plot Points podcast just the other day I was happy to see this and I am quite intrigued by this game. Thank you for all of the Hard work that you put into this document1

  2. oooh, sounds pretty awesome, I’ll check it out. Really curious about what you must have done to vary up the different archetypes into multiple clans/tribes, etc… I love demons from Demon the Fallen especially so glad to see they were tackled.


    I can find the new cyberpunky demons from the New WoD game, but can’t find the ones from Demon the Fallen. Are they hiding in there somewhere, or that one actually got left out?

  3. Megan Bennett-Burks

    We ended up largely going with powers and typings from Demon the Descent. I made this decision, not because Demon the Descent fit better when it came to lore (DtF’s lore was far better overall) but rather the NWoD and CoD game lines often had more streamlined societies and such. Example: I’d have loved to use WtA, but there’s like 13 clans, 5 auspices, and 3 breeds. VtM we used because that was the spark that started this project. Orpheus we used because Wraith and Geist just didn’t fit. Mage was another one that just had too many options from OWoD, so we ended up going Mage The Awakening. As I said, the newer types and organizations tended to be more streamlined. The only exception was Hunter, which at times was difficult to reconcile with, but we finally got that down too.

    And one thing WoD does a lot of is give almost every splat the ability to do almost the exact same things somehow. So when you have each individual add-on adding a dozen different character types, we were also trying to keeping trying mostly original per add-on so that way you’d want to use the “Choose a move from another add-on” advancement and have a damn hard choice.

  4. Before anyone prints, someone has offered to do a content review to clean up the copy. I will post an update with such update and that will be the only additional version.

  5. For me its ok in English, I mean, I’m used to read almost everything in English, so it’s not an effort to me. But I know that not all the spanish community people may have the same opinion.

  6. Tommy Rayburn …You said it was InDesign earlier in the thread when you were replying to Vicente Tar铆n. And it’s mostly professional curiosity about how other independent and fan productions use InDesign, since I mostly don’t.

  7. Jeremy Puckett I will try and upload it later. The big thing I have tried to be more careful about is setting up styles (both paragraph and character) as well as being more careful when setting up my Master pages (in this instance each chapter.)

    This file is a bit of a mess only because the font that the US team used uses a variety of weights vs the previous font of thers that I was matching which used standard bold/italic/ect… which did not translate 1 to 1.

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