Worlds in Peril thoughts?

Worlds in Peril thoughts?

Worlds in Peril thoughts?

I really enjoyed running Worlds in Peril and found a lot that I preferred to Marvel Heroic (my previous “go to” supers game). However, there were some things that I felt weren’t quite fully baked.

I have been thinking of trying my hand at hacking it.

If you are a supers fan and have played WiP, what were some things about the system you think could be improved?

4 thoughts on “Worlds in Peril thoughts?”

  1. I ran it very briefly back in the early days. Personally I never liked the experience system, which basically makes changing your character’s goals and motives the only way to grow as a character. Which sounds nice and all, but it basically rewards inconsistent characterization and leads to everyone blending together and having all the Drive books if the game goes on long enough. I’d probably want to redo the experience system somehow if I ran it again.

    I remember everything else working pretty okay, though. I prefer Masks, but if you like having superpowers more codified in what they can do WiP does a pretty good job of it.

  2. James Etheridge I really like Masks as well, though I wouldnt use it to run a Avengers/Justice league style game. But there are aspects of it I’d like to hack into WiP. Thanks for the response!

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