4 thoughts on “Has anyone built a Robotic character? I’d love to see some examples …”

  1. I have a robot in my crew. Earth is woefully behind the galactic curve in technology as our intrepid vessel started out. The setting is Steampunk (think Girl Genius for visuals) Space Opera.

    The robot character is a wind-up automaton. His character wanted him to have a big brass turnkey between his shoulder blades that powers him but that he can’t turn himself.

    He is our curious Science-y guy, specializing in biology and zoo/xenobiology to express his wistful fascination with organic beings.


    Skills: Technobabble, Education, Reconnaissance, Clank Body (standard FBH Robot species rules)

    Starting out, we let him use his initial Class 2 Asset for 2 Cybernetic Modifications and left him room to add one additional through Acquisition later if he wished.

    Body Modifications – Class 2 Asset (2 starting cybernetic mods)

    ● (Amplifier) Spring Strength– After a fresh wind-up (2 hour max), able to inflict Impact damage with fists as melee weapons, jump higher and farther than a typical humanoid and utilize greatly enhanced physical strength for lifting and bending. Extensive use winds down spring faster.

    (During last two hours of wind-down becomes feeble)

    ● (Amplifier) Wound-Up Mind – Increased thought speed and eidetic memory until last two hours of wind-down, then slowly becomes a dullard until rewind.

    The player is having a blast with him.

    (edited for typos and clarity)

  2. In times before Far Beyond Humanity I made an assassination droid. They ware an unshackled AI who wanted to get command over droid production facility and copy his base code so that droids will be finally a free race.

    I chose a class 1 attire with Tough as my droid chassis. I selected class 2 attire to be my armor with armored and stealthy.

    They ware Military + Technocrat, so like assassin and hacker. They had class 3 weapon with concealed trait, just like Robocop gun hidden in a thigh.

    Additionally they ware able to take double wounds and issue behavior driven commands to hacked systems.

    Fun to play.

  3. Thanks. I was wondering if one would need to make Augmented an “auto” career for droids but it appears not. In fact, Artoo Detoo could probably be handled with built-in Computer and Engineering Kits (the former of which would probably obviate the need for a Connector mod). We won’t speak of the leg-mounted rocket jets from the prequels.

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