More More Weirdness hype!

More More Weirdness hype!

More More Weirdness hype! Just ran a quick playtest with a Gumshoe and a secret new hunter type, using one of the collection mysteries… “Everybody get psycho”

Great fun with the mystery, and both hunter types worked well. They even managed to minimise killings, although a shoe (but not the leg wearing it) got dragged into some kind of hell dimension.

Attn Mark Tygart Bryanna Hitchcock

10 thoughts on “More More Weirdness hype!”

  1. I’m keeping the secret one secret because I haven’t decided on the name yet, but they’re an investigator into weird stuff, after a supernatural encounter turned them on to the real truth.

  2. Michael Sands In the states there was this great show, the Kolchak the Nightstalker about a pesky reporter who investigates spooky stuff. That might make a cool name for the new skin.

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