Two questions:

Two questions:

Two questions:

How long has it been since the Shadow appeared/how long have you found useful for your campaigns? I’m trying to set up a little backstory for NPC’s that might be useful for first session.


What things should I keep an eye out for Resist the Shadow? I know the things about women seeing other women as competition and the use of violence or intimidation to achieve what you want, but I’m worried about missing things. Any examples or ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you! As a nonbinary person I’m very excited about this game.

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  1. I started at about six months but move the campaign on in months and play the seasons. Phase two of the campaign I started after the first Winter.

    Our Sargent denies the supernatural element of the Shadow exists so I hit her everyone she belittles the religion of her squad. She’s denied her origin and claims to be from the line of great military leaders – even denying her baker mother’s identity to her face (oh and the bottling up on the trauma and emotions)

  2. Sayer Detling-Edsall it’s something that Pendragon did well – you only get a limited number of adventures per year. Armies don’t march in Winter, so having them locked down and getting messages from the front went well.

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