Hello all

Hello all

Hello all,

I’ve been working on and off to mod WiP and I’ve been thinking about the power profile. It isn’t really complex in execution yet it’s seems a bit difficult to get a new player up to speed on the concept. Especially compared to Masks: A New Generation which boils powers down to a short one or two sentence description. (Similar to WiP’s Power Summary)

It seems to me the Power Profile design function is to help guide when to trigger the Push move (which I do like quite a bit) and for character advancement. Maybe there is another reason I’m missing.

But my question is… In play do you and your players find this worth it? Or would you be open to scrapping the power profile and just going with the power summary for simplicity’s sake?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. “You just chip away everything that doesn’t look like David” is an apocryphal quote attributed to Michelangelo describing his technique. The power profile serves a similar purpose, not necessarily during a session, but certainly during a campaign.

  2. Lonnie Spangler What I meant was that early on heroes are poorly defined chunks of marble. But over time as the power profile gets filled in they become recognizable, maybe even masterpieces.

  3. If you go for power summary, you’ll have to do a lot of Push. Anything that is not on your power profile, but falls under the scope of your powers summary calls for a Push roll.

    Sell it to your players as ‘already won Push rolls’. The more you detail your power profile, the more things you already know how to do.

    Playing with power summary and a power profile empty is like playing a baby with superpowers: Potentially you can do a lot of things, but you haven’t mastered anything yet.

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