2 Items.

2 Items.

2 Items.

1. Anna and Andrew: I’m reskinning The Watch for BBC. I will of course give credit to the actual creators, but other than credit, do you have any issue with me reformatting the game materials handout (character sheets, basic moves) into a sci fi look and feel? My goal is to change as little as possible while switching genres. I do not intend to publish, just to run an epic game.

2. Just submitted for Big Bad Con 2018:

The Watch: Shadow on the Stars

A re-imagining of The Watch as a space opera action adventure. There will be dogfights, explosions, dramatic sacrifice, and cinematic framing devices.

The Union of Free Worlds is under attack by an implacable foe from another galaxy. One after one, worlds are falling to the Shadow Legion. It’s up to the women of The Watch to stop the tide of darkness. The Watch is the UFWs new elite defense force, the best of the best from every world. Commandos, pilots…the free peoples’ last defense.

6 players

8 hours

3 thoughts on “2 Items.”

  1. Hey, Bryanna Hitchcock

    Speaking for myself here, but I’m cool with reskinning or whatever as long as it’s not for profit/sale.

    I’ve got a sci-fi skin that my husband has written that I’ll be polishing up to publish after our group gets done playtesting it, but that’s a while away and I’m not fussed if people reskin for their games. 馃檪

  2. I cannot recommend Bryanna Hitchcock’s game enough. I will be at BBC, but as I played in her 8-hour WATCHathon last year, I will skip this one so someone else can get a seat at her table!

    Although Bryanna, if you end up needing a player (sososososo unlikely), I will be happy to fill-in. 馃槈

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