Did another introductory game.

Did another introductory game.

Did another introductory game. This time had the five people plus another 3. 8 people makes for a tough game. So got to divide up the groups into teams, barfight, CSI, and conspiractly theory. Then had the group divide again, into team daughter’s house and team corpse digger. Baddy was an alp masquerading as a serial killer. It provided a good comparison to the 1st I ran where it was a lot of kick ass and act under pressure. This was manipulate, use magic, and help out.

Sold a copy of the game from the store! So apparently I am doing something right!

6 thoughts on “Did another introductory game.”

  1. Nathan Shields ugh I think online will be killer for time. Being able to cross talk was key to running the game fast. So I formed groups into teams and they interacted with each other while I discussed with others.

    I think whatever mystery you run should have some minions. I just ran the last fight for the arc and people had to distract minions to get at boss. That way everybody is having to do something.

    In another big game I did a zombie apocalypse scenario. Same thing, everybody could do something. Fight zombies, research.

    I think if it’s just one creature it could get boring.

  2. Michael Kennedy I’m definitely concerned about time, but there is unfortunately no way to avoid either the online/time limit :/

    How much do you think the mystery was split between combat and investigation? 40-60?

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