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  1. Why not just send a modern party via time travel back to the Dark Ages? Then you won’t have to change the rules much and there is a great deal of cinematic inspiration to draw from….and a goal in getting the party home!

  2. I’ve re-skinned and modified MotW for a Dark Ages game and it’s run well so far. Playbooks morph into Priest, Warrior of God, Hammer of the Gods, Scholar, Loon, Pagan Mystic, Commoner, Outlaw, and Chosen. There’s also a Magician, but I’m not entirely certain it works in the context. I’ve billed it as Eotenweard (my cod translation from the Old English is ‘Guardians against the Monsters’).

  3. Berkay Ayanoglu There are more than superficial changes. It takes more than a change of name to get from Initiate (in a secret society) to a Warrior of God, for instance, and the Divine’s conversion to (Christian) Priest means ‘real’ angel wings don’t fly but invocations of the name, voice, mind, hand and power, of god, for instance, feel like more appropriate moves for the setting. The other significant variation I’m considering is spreading some if the Chosen characteristics around. Wyrd/Fate/Destiny etc. feel as if they should be part of every dark age character … Not just one.

  4. And the attributes become Subtle, Steel, Sense, Savage, Soul … with thanks to other PbtA games that have used these singly or in combination … as ‘Cool’, for instance really breaks the atmosphere of the Fens in 600AD.

  5. I’d recommend Mythic Britain for a more Dark Age feel than Pendragon but Dark Age Cthulhu and World of Darkness – Dark Ages can provide lots of inspiration to keep the ages VERY Dark.

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