re: Sunsetting of consumer G+

re: Sunsetting of consumer G+

re: Sunsetting of consumer G+

Just to let people know that I don’t see myself creating a Monsterhearts group or community on any other social media platform. If one or more people do want to do so then please feel free to discuss and announce it in this community.

I’ll keep this community open until G+ turns off the lights if people want to save links to skins, scenarios, etc.

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  1. Jason Cordova have you been having bad experiences? i was put off by so many of the open groups being obviously alt-right/alt-light/fash sympathizers, and I’ve heard that one of the owners is a free speech absolutist, so I’m … wary, to say the least. But I was interested in hearing people’s actual experiences. Are fascists infiltrating all our groups?

  2. Jeb E I’m not on there, but it’s kind of a huge ask to say to women and gamers from marginalized groups to just trust this collective rush to a totally obscure website that was previously only known by Nazis and right wingers (and has many problems at the top, as you noted). The co-founder got in my Twitter threads yesterday explaining how they don’t just defend the speech rights of Nazis but also the speech rights of vegans (or something). It is garbage, and just a terrible pitch to folks you might be trying to bring into the hobby.

  3. Jason Cordova I absolutely agree. I’d rather not share a community with people who want me and my friends to stop existing, even if we can build very sturdy walls around our own “neighborhoods” in that community. (That’s to say, I am not very convinced by arguments that “we can all stay separate because groups are private!”–being able to vet groups and other users seems rather difficult due to everything being private by default, and there is only two-way following). I’m glad there are folks like yourself pushing back against the (very sudden and not particularly considered) consensus. Hopefully it makes a difference!

  4. I’ve joined a bunch of the RPG groups on MeWe and not seen anything of these alt-right people you mention. They certainly aren’t infiltrating our groups, at least as far as I have seen. Not an endorsement of MeWe, just my observations of my actual experience there.

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