Question came up tonight during play.

Question came up tonight during play.

Question came up tonight during play. Our Reporter wanted to Gather Evidence for a story but while reading the move it seems that you only get to Gather Evidence as a result of spending hold from Nose for a Story. Is this how everyone else has been doing it as well.

Our Reporter currently has 3 stories going on right now. I don’t mind if they use the Gather Evidence move, I mean that’s why they’re the Reporter right, but I was hoping to get some clarity on what has been common practice with my fellow punks.

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  1. My Reporter has no trouble there.

    The move trigger for Gather Evidence is “When you gather evidence to break a story, roll Mind.” All you have to do is gather evidence relevant to the story to trigger the roll.

    It’s unclear if you can use Gather Evidence to start a NEW story clock. But since your Reporter already has three, that’s no big deal.

    Given the stakes for breaking a story, we figured a story clock should take about 2 missions worth of relevant info-gathering to complete.

  2. As a corollary: Nose for a Story is why the Reporter works in this game at all.

    You might have a story “The mayor is a bought and paid stooge for Neotek” Then you’re on a mission stealing data from a Toguchi Biotech test facility, when you use Nose for a Story to Gather Evidence for the “paid stooge” story. The GM has to make everything tie in. So maybe you find a receipt for prototype cybernetics Neotek bought from Toguchi to treat the mayor’s son after a car accident.

    Gather Evidence is limited more to situations that obviously connect. You might be in the Neotek arcology, so you start asking around about the mayor or looking in executive calendars for clandestine appointments with the mayor, so you’re Gathering Evidence. You probably couldn’t do that in the Toguchi Biotech test facility.

    Nose for a Story is absolutely necessary to let the game have the episodic mission structure featuring [players+1] antagonists and still let the reporter do their thing.

  3. Jon Lemich that makes a lot of sense actually. Nose for a Story makes it possible to find evidence where there wouldn’t seem to be any and Gather Evidence is for stuff that would likely be there. Awesome. Thanks for the thoughts on that. You’re always a great help.

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