6 thoughts on “Are there any games/hacks that merge the Dread Jenga tower mechanic with PbtA style resolution?”

  1. None I’m aware of! But here’s a simple way of doing it: take your existing hack, and treat refusing to draw as a 6-, drawing a single brick as a 7-9, drawing two bricks as a 10+, and let the MC make as hard a move as they like when someone knocks the tower. If you have +1 forward, you’re allowed to use both hands.

  2. Here’s what I’m thinking for an upcoming one-shot, based on your suggestion.

    (Instead of the Dread questionnaires, a series of questions on cards are drafted by the players. Most of these are kept secret, but can be revealed for a +1 bonus, or +2 if they can roleplay the question’s answer in-character.)

    When something is at risk, the GM presents a challenge rating for the task, 1 to 6.

    The CR must be met by pulling bricks and placing them on top, 1 for 1, in order to Succeed.

    If someone helps, it reduces the CR by 1 for each helper – but everyone involved must pull at least 1 brick.

    At any time you may reveal any number of relevant cards for their value (+1 or +2), though on future relevant challenges, some may add +1 to the CR instead.

    If you refuse to proceed pulling, it’s a Failure with Consequence.

    If you probe a brick and refuse to pull it, there will be a Complication.

    If the tower collapses, there will be dire Consequences, and death is on the table.

  3. “When you exchange courteous words to sway a receptive audience, you can sway them, but they will also make a demand something humbling or costly of you unless you pull. If you pull, pull blocks equal to Proud. If the tower falls, you misspeak and ruin all chances of diplomacy. If the tower stands, you get what you want.”

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