Greetings to all

Can you guide me to create an Astartes?

I would like to try a one shot using the pregee characters I saw around here. And surely a player will want a space marine.

I’m not very good with English so apologize if the message is not very clear (I’m using the translator)

The community will migrate to MeWe?

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  1. Hello!

    For an Astartes Marine, you have two options:

    A “thematic” Space Marine, which is not more powerful than any other starting character, but follows the look and style of a Space Marine.


    A “lore-accurate” Space Marine, which would be the power equivalent of a long-term campaign character (especially Asset-wise) and significantly more powerful than regular starting characters.

    Depending on which one you want, I could certainly help you put something together. (Also: which Chapter?)

    (The rest of my WH40k pre-gen characters can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/42aq427wsno2x8b/AAADXlVlY3hx5aj9AheFoxqNa/Unofficial%20Character%20Sheets/WH40k?dl=0&subfolder_nav_tracking=1)

    As for MeWe, I haven’t quite migrated yet, even though I get the feeling that a lot of folks already have gone over. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if I can make the jump.

  2. Thank you very much for the quick answer.

    Those pregenerated characters are great, I wanted to try them as soon as I saw them.

    Regarding the power of the Astartes in relation to the group, I thought about managing it only in fiction. Avoid improving it mechanically, the simple fact of being a Space Marine is already going to allow you to do many things above the other characters.

  3. Please note that these are UNofficial and unlicensed characters, purely as examples of the different settings you can use when playing Uncharted Worlds. Uncharted Worlds is not responsible for yadda yadda yadda please don’t sue me GW.

    Edit: Also I noticed that the “Launch” skill on the Psyker is out of date compared to the released Far Beyond Humanity. I’ll have to update it.

  4. Ok! So, let’s get started (sorry it took so long to get back to you Oswald)

    First off: Archetype/Skills.

    Space Marines most definitely have Regimented Origins (unless they’re Space Wolves but I don’t like Space Puppers so nuts to that). Chances are we’ll use Discipline to boost our Mettle, allowing us to have +2 in both Mettle and Physique.

    For careers, I’m inclined towards Military and Fanatic (Fanatic comes from the Far Beyond Humanity expansion, and the Astartes was one of the main inspirations for that career). Military will give us the very necessary Heavy Lifting so that we can wear big armor and have a big gun. Fanatic will give us Bravery (“And They Shall Know No Fear”).

    That leaves us with a “floating” Skill that can help further define our Astartes Chapter or specialization. Toughness, Terrify, or Martyr are all in-line with the iconic Space Marine. We’ll go with Terrify, because it gives non-combat options to the Space Marine character, and really amps up the intimidation factor.

    Secondly: Assets

    Obviously we need good armor, which will be our Class 2 Asset. Carapace + Armored will give us + 5 to Brace for Impact, and we won’t be clumsy (because of Heavy Lifting).

    Next we need a Bolter. That’s definitely a heavy weapon for a regular human (but again, we can carry it without penalty because of Heavy Lifting). We’ll use one of our Class 1s to make a Heavy Weapon with sustained fire.

    Next we’ll need a Melee weapon. We could go with the chainsword, but I think that it would be cool to have a big Power Fist instead. So that gives us a Class 1 melee weapon with Glove and Impact.

    So that gives us


    Regimented Military Fanatic

    > Mettle + 2

    > Physique + 2

    > Influence + 1

    > Expertise + 0

    > Interface – 1

    > Discipline (+ 1 to Mettle, max + 2)

    > Heavy Lifting (Ignores “Clumsy” for weight/encumbrance)

    > Bravery (“And They Shall Know No Fear”)

    > Terrify (Use Physique or Influence to intimidate)

    > Adeptus Power Armor (Cultural Attire – Carapace, Armored, + 5 Armor)

    > Crusade Pattern Bolter (Heavy Firearm – Sustained, Destructive)

    > Astartes Power Fist (Melee Weapon – Glove, Impact)

  5. Sean Gomes Thank you so much.

    That explanation makes it very clear.

    It had crossed my mind to use the rule of “Xenos” placing improvements to represent characteristics of the Astartes. I understand that they are not aliens as such, but the improvements help define it.


    – Reinforced (Increased resistance due to genetic improvements)

    – Adaptation (Toxic environments)

    – Beauty (Your imposing presence)

    Am I on the wrong way of doing this?

    Now I’m going to try to create a Navigator.

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