Regarding Resources

Regarding Resources

Regarding Resources

If a Resource is neither a Need or Surplus, I would assume the Family have a neutral amount somewhere between the two extremes. Does this mean you can spend these ‘neutral’ resources, which would give you an equivalent Need?


“A Family of Tyrants are trading a much needed supply of Medicine with another settlement to bolster their own ranks with Recruits (need).”

If I understand it correctly, this could remove the Recruits (need), but also give them Medicine (need). Its this possible? Or can’t you trade the ‘neutral’ Medicine Medicine resource? Thoughts?

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  1. So I’d say that Families can’t ‘spend’ a neutral resource to achieve the same results as spending a Surplus via Right Tool for the Job or tapping a Surplus for Tool Up.

    But when a Family wants to embark on a course of action, it’s perfectly legit for the GM to say ‘you can do that but it’ll be tough and give you Need: X’ – a combo of the GM reactions ‘tell them the consequences and ask’ and ‘inflict a Need’.

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