done some work on the SRR ( Link below )

done some work on the SRR ( Link below )

done some work on the SRR ( Link below )

the System Resource Repository, under development for MotW by the Keeper’s Fellowship.

I have added support for “Playbook Features” in the database.

Playbook features are Moves in the playbook that do not fall under the moves section. such as the crooked’s background, the Experts Haven, and the Chosen’s weapon.

in the future this will be useful when turn this into a playbook wizard to build your character, in the meantime it allows special moves to be searchable independently, such as the Crooked’s Background option move of Burglar, ether by searching for Burglar or Background.

11 thoughts on “done some work on the SRR ( Link below )”

  1. update: fixed the links in Crooked and Expert, the details under Background and Haven, were not showing up under the main move. this is corrected now.

    should be able to get all the rest of the main playbook features in the DB tonight. adding the data is a manual process so a bit slow.

  2. Very interesting! I have just found this game, and interested in finding resources (it seems I’m always the one running whatever we play). I can’t seem to find a way to create an account, however.

  3. when you join the discord, take a look at all the channels. their is a specific channel for Keeper-ing Questions another channel for peer review requests, etc…

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