8 thoughts on “Can anyone tell me the difference between MOTW and 5e? A easy way to explain it without confusing new players.”

  1. That’s a big question! I’m assuming you are talking about D&D 5th edition?

    I’d say there’s a few main things:

    – There’s a whole lot less rules overall. Less special powers to keep track of, and that sort of thing.

    – The character ability progression is less pronounced. MotW hunters start more competent than level 1 D&D adventurers, but don’t reach such extreme heights either.

    – It’s in the modern world, but with monsters, instead of a whole different fantasy world.

    Does that help a bit?

  2. 5e is kind of like a fantasy miniatures game with lots of combat and magic rules, along with free style role playing without alot of role playing rules. It is mostly an attempt to simulate fantasy medieval combat and magic. MotW is a simple, tight set of rules focusing more on dramatic outcomes to produce an experience like being in an episode of Supernatual, the TV series. This from someone who started playing DnD in the mid-70s.


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