6 thoughts on “Anyone have good handout sheets for Generation Ship?”

  1. Definitely. A question though: it seems pretty hard for a Family to gain Tech in Generation Ship (the only ways seem to be the “Unleash Power” and “Flush with Ressources” Moves) – was that intentional? I’m thinking about importing the “The Age Turns” move from Legacy Core to allow the players to gain Tech a bit faster (since there are many ways to spend it), but am afraid I’m missing something.

  2. Jay Iles has it exactly right. Tech is just lying around. You gotta go find it and chance whatever is Out There in the ship.

    Hey they brought animals on board in stasis? Why are all the pods empty and why is my geigercounter going crazy here? What was that noise? HURRY JUST RIP OUT THE CONTROL FROM THAT GIANT POD AND LET’S GO.

    The core tension, in my estimation, should be the choice between “do we recycle this tech?” or “does this have some important use we’d be ruining?”

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