hey guys.

hey guys.

hey guys. I’ve been running worlds in peril in this month to my friends and one of my players came up with a complain about the abstraction of the conditions. So i made up a move to make the harm more objective.

i created the following move


when you are attacked and face harm, say what you do in order to defend yourself, then roll +Protect:

on a 10+ you press on and dont suffer serious damage. take a minor condition

on a 7-9 they got you, and this hurts. Take a moderate condition

on 6- , you feel the pain, for real. You suffer a serious damage or dire consequences. Take a critical condition

this is a alternative to the core approach to damage, but dont change things to much. This give’s to players some base about what they suffer and how to portray this in fiction and resolve my issues. What do you think? any comment will be welcome.

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  1. Maybe use +Protect when they stand strong against the blow, but let them use Manouver when dodging or Influence when resisting a psychic attack.

  2. Why not just use the Defy Danger move?

    The severity of the conditions should match the fiction. If the players are unclear about what types of conditions will be inflicted, use more description of what is happening. If you need them to agree, instead of telling them that when a villain drops the ceiling on them “this inflicts a moderate condition” ask “what type of condition do you think dropping the ceiling on your head should inflict?” And let them participate in the creation of the story.

    If they never want to take conditions or always argue for the least possible harm, remind them that this is not about being superior and winning all of the time, but about making a comic book story together and that sometimes failure and getting hurt make for a better story and that accepting this is part of playing the game.

  3. Alpo _ i thought the same thing. The move is not in his final version… i just use protect because seem’s more obvious, But others stats could work as well.

  4. Grey Kitten iknow. I just decided take another aproach. besides that. the serve and protect move allows me to do the same thing. But it has the same comception: the severity of the condition is up to the GM. i have no problem with the original approach of the conditions. This is just an alternative.

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