A few quick illustration for my most recent session.

A few quick illustration for my most recent session.

A few quick illustration for my most recent session. I had some shadow creatures that were sealed within a temple that recently got uncovered by a archeology dig. Burning everything to the ground and making a quick escape fixed that.

Name: Mr Creeper

Name: Mr Creeper

Name: Mr Creeper

Type: Monster/collector

Motivation: to steal victim’s minds leaving them in a coma.

Powers: telekinesis, give nightmares with its nightmare key, teleportation through shadows.

Weakness: iron, shadow realm psychic combat, sunlight.

Attacks: telekinesis 1-3

Nightmare key 3 (ignore armour, intimate, take -1 ongoing on all

rolls till a good nights sleep)

Armour: 2

Harm capacity: 10

Name: Nightmare fairy

Type: minion/scout

Motivation: to find victims and mark them with a small keyhole mark with there acidic tongue. Then eat the mindless victims afterwards.

Powers: flight, claws, acidic spit

Attack: claws 1

Acid bite 1 (ignore armour)

Armour: 0

Harm capacity: 2

I statted him up for Dungeon World yesterday, but after Michael Sands Tweeted about him, I had to do him for MotW…

I statted him up for Dungeon World yesterday, but after Michael Sands Tweeted about him, I had to do him for MotW…

I statted him up for Dungeon World yesterday, but after Michael Sands Tweeted about him, I had to do him for MotW too.

The Krampus

So Rufus and I are holed up in this empty apartment trying to dodge the cops. He’s got the stuff we lifted from the jewellery store laid out on the table, and I’m crouched down next to the window, listening for sirens. All of a sudden there’s this flash of light and heat. Like someone opened the grate on one of those old steam ship furnaces, cause there was this roaring burning sound, too. Then this… this thing steps out of the window. The window! We were up on the eighth floor, for Christ’s sake! This thing just steps into the room, and I can’t see much of it cause I’m behind it right, and it’s got this giant wicker pack strapped to its back, but what I can see scares the shit out of me. Mangy black fur, backwards bending legs like some kind of animal, and these long, knobby goat horns on its head. It raises a giant claw to point at Rufus and I see its got manacles on. Like someone tried to chain the thing up but failed. Then this voice, I guess it could speak, this horrible voice says “You’ve been a very naughty boy this year, Rufus.” Everything’s dead silent for a split second, and that’s when I notice all the fingers poking through the gaps in its pack. Then Rufus kicks over the table and pulls his 9mm. I scramble for the door to get the hell out of there, but I can still see the thing out of the corner of my eye. It dodged the shots and just slammed right into Rufus, knocking him to the ground. I could hear him screaming as I tore down the hallway. Right as I get to the top of the staircase, that voice echoes “I know you’ve been a naughty boy too, Charlie.” That’s the honest to God truth. Now I’ve confessed and told you where all the stuff is. Lock me up or whatever, just keep me away from that thing.

Monster: Collector (motivation: to steal specific sorts of things).

Powers: Immortal. Incredibly strong and stealthy. Knows if someone’s been bad or good. Can turn an existing portal (doorway, window, sewer grate, etc.) into a temporary gateway to Hell. Limitless space inside his pack.

Attacks: Claws/horns: 4-harm hand messy. Rusty chains: 3-harm hand/close heavy loud.

Armor: 2-armor (he’s just generally tough and hard to hurt).

Weaknesses: Particularly fond of buxom women. Only attacks bad people, especially children (if you’ve been good he’ll leave you alone, or at worst remind you want will happen if you stop being good).

Harm capacity: 8-harm will cause the Krampus to open a portal and flee (but you can’t ever really kill him).

Custom moves:

He Knows: The first time you lock eyes with the Krampus, roll +Cool. On a 10+, tell him the nicest thing you did this year. Mark XP if you also tell him the worst thing you did. On a 7-9, tell him both the nicest and the worst thing you did this year. On a 6-, tell him the worst thing you did this year. He’ll decide if you’ve been naughty or nice based on what you tell him.

Only the Wicked: The Krampus only attacks and kidnaps people who have been naughty. Fighting the Krampus, interfering with his activities, or lying to him is a sure way to get put onto his naughty list. And you really don’t want that.

Tonight We Dine in Hell: If you’re quick enough to follow the Krampus through one of his temporary portals, congratulations! You’re now in Hell. Good luck finding a way back.

Name: Ginny Greenteeth (Elizabeth Landry)

Name: Ginny Greenteeth (Elizabeth Landry)

Name: Ginny Greenteeth (Elizabeth Landry)

Type: Monster/Devourer

Motivation: A taste for flesh focused on children. Her appetite is never satiated.

Powers: Monsterform, Bond (children), Great Strength (in monster form)

Weaknesses: Reflection prevents changing into monster form, Binding Magic can trap her (Big magic)

Attacks: Slashing fingernails- 3, Bite – 4 harm intimate

Armor: 1 (monster form)        

 Harm capacity: 8

Description:  In human form, a Ginny Greenteeth looks normal, except that close inspection reveals a green tint to her hair.  

In monster form, a Ginny Greenteeth has a pale green skintone that is patched with mosslike fungus.  This helps her camouflage in bogs and underwater.  Her teeth and fingernails are greyish black and are sharp like little knife blades.  Her hair is black with a greenish tint to it, that is almost imperceptible unless the viewer is close. Her eyes are black like coal unless she is angry or in the throws of eating, in which the coal eyes seem to glisten like a fiery ember.

Custom move: Soothing words

A Ginny Greenteeth can exhale an oxytosin-rich fume that causes children to instantly bond and trust her.  She uses this to trick prey, or to initiate a new minion.   She regularly employs children as minions to bring prey to her lair, removing much suspicion and keeping her whereabouts secret.

Custom move: Monsterform

Ginny Greenteeth can only transform into monsterform when either submerged in water, or when water is poured onto it.  When a Ginny Greenteeth in human form can see it’s reflection, it cannot transform into monsterform (which is it’s most powerful form). Any reflection, including mirrors, or calm bodies of water would suffice to prevent the change.  When a Ginny Greenteeth in monster form is exposed to it’s reflection, it will flee from the reminder of what it has become.

Origin: Ginny Greenteeth are made as part of a pact-curse, usually made voluntarily, but in rare occasions, against the victim’s will.  The usual story is that a parent’s child is dying and the parent seeks help from a local witch or shaman to save the child’s life.  The desparate parent agrees to give up his or her own life in order to save the child’s.   What the parent rarely realizes, is that the process will not end their life, but change it into a ghastly creature, immortal and condemned to live as a creature of the water.

When the life force is drawn out of the parent and into the child, the void of the soul lies dormant for a moment, before the spellcaster replaces the void with a water demon.  The water demon empowers the body and binds with the mind of the host.  However, the water demon spirit is not a proper fit for the soul of a human, and thusly there is still a void to be filled.  That void can only be filled by consuming souls like that which the parent gave its soul to protect, namely children.  It is because of this that the being that the parent becomes after the ritual is ever-craving the souls of children.  It obtains the soul by eating the flesh.  But it is never enough, and the hunger always comes back.

used this as a final boss for a quest in DW and as a retirement battle to make my and two other characters godlike…

used this as a final boss for a quest in DW and as a retirement battle to make my and two other characters godlike…

used this as a final boss for a quest in DW and as a retirement battle to make my and two other characters godlike so they have no point to be played anymore

Name- Drak

class- chaos mage

attack- 2 d20

takes over the character Verach the moment he sees him 

health 2000

armor 10 and 3 of it is unignorable

Name: Amon the Djinn

Name: Amon the Djinn

Name: Amon the Djinn

Type: Monster/Trickster

Motivation: Create Chaos

Powers: Telekinesis, Illusion, Whirlwind

Immunity: Fire

Weaknesses: Salt, Silver, Binding ritual using the djinn’s name

Attacks: Telekinesis 2-4 Harm Close, Whirlwind 1-3 Harm Area

Armor: 1

Harm Capacity: 10

Custom move: Creates illusion of boundless desert around Hunters, disguising everyday surroundings and making it more likely they will hurt themselves by falling down unseen stairs or walking into traffic.

Notes: Amon is a red ghul who eats the dead and can take their shape if he wishes, although he prefers possessing the living. He was once owned by Alibaba. In his true shape he is made of smokeless fire and is generally man-shaped with the legs of a donkey and horns of a goat. He is accompanied by an astronomical anomaly: countless shooting stars are seen nightly above the place he was awoken until he is bound or destroyed. This brings scientists and cranks out of the woodwork, giving Amon even more people to wreck havoc upon.

Name: Dr. Laura Wade

Type: Minion/Guardian

Motivation: Protect djinn until her wishes are fulfilled

Powers: Telekinesis

Weakness: Magic

Attacks: Hands 1 Harm Intimate, Telekinesis 2-4 Harm Close

Armor: 0

Harm Capacity: 8

Note: Dr. Wade is the first person Amon possesses when she inadvertently awakens him. Possession is manifested by the person floating several feet above the ground while appearing to burn inside. While Amon is in control, he has access to all his powers, although he can be cast out through magic. He will then seek to enter the nearest living creature, including Hunters. This leaves his victims exhausted and confused, with no memory of what occurred during the possession. 

The Goblin Queen

The Goblin Queen

The Goblin Queen

Name: Anne Morrison

Type: Monster/Devourer

Motivation: Consuming teeth and bones makes her grow stronger.

Powers: Invisibility, Entrance, Telekenesis

Weaknesses: Cold iron, Magic, Rowan wood and berries

Attacks: Throw items – 2-4 harm close, Claw 3 harm intimate

Armor: 0          Harm capacity: 10

Custom move: Entrance

Roll +Cool. On 10+, mark xp & take +1 forward if you follow her orders. On 7-9, mark xp if you do as she commands. If you refuse, +1 on her next attempt to entrance you. On a miss, do what she says.

Name: Goblin swarm

Type: Minion/Plague

Motivation: Destroy the humans and bring their tasty bits to ‘Mother’.

Powers: Faery Raide, bite (individual)

Weaknesses: Cold iron, Magic, Rowan wood and berries

Attacks: Bite 2 harm intimate, Faery Raide 3 harm close

Armor: 0         Harm: 1 (individual), 6 as a swarm

Custom move: Faery Raide

The swarm will snatch individuals up and hold them in the air, tossing them from one goblin to another and completely disorienting them. The goblins will rip at the person with claws and teeth before dropping them from a height designed to hurt the individual.