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  1. My first AW character that managed to reach the end of a game was Acido, an Operator.

    Acido is the italian for Acid and the word is masculine (Acida is the feminine version), even though the character was female.

    The other players were her Team, but they were soon targeted by the overlord of Fanculo (the town where they lived), Hugo.

    She discovered potential allies and went power crazy, but the Angel betrayed her, and everything went wrong.

    She ended up alone with her boyfriend, the Skinner tattoo artist, and became a Battlebabe during the last epic battle with Hugo’s forces.

    Booom! Boom! SBAAAAAAM!

    Acido managed to stay alive, the Angel nearly died, and the little cute Savvyhead ended up ruler of Fanculo. That bitch.

  2. Never played it, but GM’d it a lot. The first character I saw come to live was Verm, the Brainer, as sick a bastard as a Brainer can be. Our game is alas on hiatus, but he was on the verge of becoming a Hocus, having gathered a small cult of followers around the idea that the maelstrom is the way to a better future. 

    He’s also fighting a psionic kudzu in his mind, which may or may not be the origin of the maelstrom.

    Damn, I miss that game.

  3. My very first was in a short lived forum game set in a waterworld where we were all in a huge floating arcology consisting of lashed together ex-military vessels.  He was a Hocus called Smelt – there was a whole going-back-to-the-seas thing with his cult which I didn’t really get a chance to explore before the game petered out. 

    In a tabletop game it was a Chopper named Goldie – had a real discipline problem with his gang but making examples is always fun!

  4. My first character was a Hocus, the leader of a crew of adrenaline junky free-running teenagers named Cat. She felt the psychic maelstrom through the sensation of falling. Had a blast playing her, she was extremely volatile, angry and kind of nuts. Ended up being betrayed by her second in command, Twice, who went a little crazy after killing a bunch of kids on a raid.

  5. My first character was a Hardholder named Allison. He was a tough guy who made tough decisions, but at the base of it, he was trying to keep the maximum number of people alive and relatively healthy and sane.

  6. Con one-shot, an Angel named Carlos.  Best friends with the Skinner, fascinated by the androgynous Operator, driven through a running gun battle by the Driver.  Loads of fun.

    First regular player was the teenaged dancer/whore Storm, who used sex as a weapon every chance he got.  Worked out of a Maestro’D establishment on an oil derrick called At the Gates (most people lived out opn the water because the land was scary).  Petulant, murderous, would promise himself that he’d be a better person, then bad things would just sort of happen again.  But it really wasn’t his fault.  Honest!  Game ended prematurely when one of the players had to start working evenings.

  7. My first character was a Hocus named Wound, who was partly inspired by Charles Manson. He led a bunch of violent, delusional crazies who lived in the desert and were waiting for a new, bloody dawn that would wash away their enemies and sweep them to ascendency. Things didn’t end well for any of them.

    Fun times.

  8. My first AW character was a Gunlugger named Navarre, who lived alone in an old microbrewery he’d fortified the Hell out of. Food was scarce, and a Chopper named Lars had a gang in the area. Navarre had heard… things… about what Lars was up to. In the first scene, one of Lars’ people showed up one day looking to hire Navarre to do a thing. When he admitted that Lars’ gang was taking prisoners and making stew out of them, Navarre asked him if he’d ever eaten the stew. Shamefaced, he said that he had–and Navarre cut his head off and put it on a pike outside the fence. That kind of set the tone for the game. 🙂

  9. Sunset the battlebabe. He had a difficult life. It became clear that if you solve problems with killing, you just end up with more problems. Even when they really deserved it.

  10. I don’t remember my character’s name, but they (singular) was huge, hulking, and unclear in gender.

    A gunlugger who got the job done when paid, and lived in the sewers, coming out only for supplies and jobs. Armed with a sniper rifle, machine gun and outfitted welding mask, heavy plates strapped to my body, I was loaded for whatever passed for a bear in the post apocalypse. Or cultists.

    My fondest memory of this character was storming a moving city by myself. It didn’t really work. That or the vigorous hand holding session partaken with a person saved from violent cultists.

    Letting Jeremy Kostiew take a bullet was not one of my finer moments.

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