More content up for my PbtA fantasy heartbreaker: the Rogue & Templar.

More content up for my PbtA fantasy heartbreaker: the Rogue & Templar.

More content up for my PbtA fantasy heartbreaker: the Rogue & Templar. Plus some revisions to the moves and previous playbooks (Warrior & Sorcerer).  If anyone’s interested in playing, go for it!  If you know AW, I imagine you could run it as-is. 

Let me know if you do so!  Also, feedback & commentary much appreciated.

As I’ve mentioned before, this started as an exploration of a few mechanical ideas:

– Most moves are modified by fictional positioning rather than stats

– Stats (and Fate-like traits) are more like “tapable” resources

– Magic is based on sympathy, contagion, and true names, and require a lot of imagination from the players

– PC conditions enable associated with GM moves (like how threats in AW have moves associated with them)

Plus I added in some harm & inventory ideas I’d been tinkering with elsewhere, and decided to give each playbook a backstory questionnaire that would help define their starting relationships & their situations.

9 thoughts on “More content up for my PbtA fantasy heartbreaker: the Rogue & Templar.”

  1. Looking really good! I haven’t read through it in detail yet, but the backstory-building stuff on the character sheets in particular got my brain spinning. I may adopt it for my own hack, I think it’d really help when working with an original world to have the game start players thinking about who their character is as well as what they can do.

  2. I love what you’ve done with moves and the GM sheet.  This is easily adaptable to so many worlds…  Nice work.  Condition Moves == brilliant.

  3. Dave Bozarth, glad you like the Condition Moves. Feel free to use (and/or tweak).  I haven’t had a chance to playtest anything yet, so if you use them let me know how they work.

    As for background moves, I haven’t written them yet. I’m envisioning things like “Bearer of a Magic Item” or “Dragon Blood” or possibly some sort of “Nobility” move. They’ll be a little more complicated than the normal moves (or at least have the option to be so) and will probably have some additional Backstory associated with them. 

    Each one will fit on like 1/4 or 1/8 page. The idea would be to make them cutouts that you could insert into your playbook.  And like the playbooks, there’d only be one of each.

  4. Um… maybe?  I am unfamiliar with this “Weapons of the Gods” you speak of.

    I’ll try to pound one or two out this evening and throw it in the folder.  I’ll post when it’s in there.

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