7 thoughts on “How often can a character take the Personal Growth advance?”

  1. Hi Jason,

    I’m talking about p38, “Advances”.  The third item on the page reads:


    Through diligent training and relentless commitment to self- improvement, you may raise Guts, Luck, or Skill by one, up to +3.

    The most recent playbooks document I have is playbooks_21.pdf, which I downloaded from the Bully Pulpit website within the last 10 days.  Under Advancement, these playbooks list 

    Deepening Ties

    Added Responsibility

    Honor and Pride

    Harsh Lessons

    Moving West

    each with a varying number of checkboxes, but not Personal Growth.

  2. Yes, that totally solves my problem, thank you.  (The answer appears to be, “three times”.)

    May I take this opportunity to comment on what a great job you guys did with the playbooks.  They are visually stunning and extremely grabby.  I’m hoping to get my group started with Night Witches in the next couple of weeks and beyond the (strong) appeal of the core concept, I expect the awesomeness of the playbooks to help seal the deal.

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