6 thoughts on “The Mortal – Alternative backstories”

  1. What do you mean by alternate backstory? Do You mean different types of string questions, or a different fiction to surround the mortal playset?

    Like instead of being a normal human thrust into the sexy violent world of monsterhearts, they are a supernatural who became mundane and are desperately trying to claw their way back in, even if it means breaking the heart of the local werewolf football captain?

  2. Alternate stings have been the pattern, although that one is super cool and I’ll have to keep it in mind 馃檪

    These might also be good as “Additional back stories,” especially if you’re running the game with more than the usual number of characters.

  3. You used to date ___ but it ended badly. How?

    You unwittingly attracted the wrong kind of attention. Someone has been following you around…… Obviously they are infatuated with you, but this is someone you are completely not interested in. (This may not be attention of the romantic kind but of the subtle hunting kind…… And you are in their crosshairs….. But of course your mind automatically goes to that they like you.)

    You once unknowingly saw something inhuman in _______. How did this happen, and what do you currently think about it?

  4. You’ve always been in love with the fiction surrounding __‘s kind of monster. How are they different?

    You’re sure __ killed your parents. What will you do about it?

  5. Hey, the question was “What will you do about it?”, travelling the world to master martial arts and donning a funky animal-themed gimp suit is a valid answer.

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