I have a question about Push.

If a character wants to do something with her power that is not in her power profile, she has to trigger the Push move. If what Sherbrooke want to do should trigger another move, does she have to roll twice ? Once for the Push and once for the other move ?

For example she has an Energy Control power. She decide to project an energy ball to her foe. But her power profile does not have that kind of use of her power. Does she have to Push and then Take Down ?

Thanks for your answer

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  1. Ok Giuseppe Grimaudo​ but how do you manage the Take Down ? Because… if she has already the power to fire an energy ball, she will trigger the Take Down move and expect it’s possibilities. But if she has not already the power, you say that she will only trigger Push.

  2. Yeah, I don’t have the PCs roll twice. I use the same die result for Take Down or whatever else they were trying to do. So if they got a 10+ on Push, I tell them to treat it as a 10+ in Take Down as well.

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