News For Coming Changes

News For Coming Changes

News For Coming Changes

This is super unformated because it’s just grabbed and dropped from an editing session!

Flashback: flashback may be re-written in the future, possibly into more than one move. It isn’t working how I’d like it to and there’s not quite enough reason to do it. In playtest, it slowed the game down more than I’d have liked it to but it’s such an important part of telenovelas that I feel I can’t abandon it.

Flee The Scene: Definitely didn’t work how I intended. I think I’m going to remove this move entirely; now that there is an MC we can give them good instructions on how to shut down scenes.


More of them.



La Abuela

Abuela isn’t working the way I want her to. She’s too much of a behind the pictures and would require a VERY involved player to make her sing.

El Caballero

This is one of the playbooks that I think is running best.

La Doña

She’s fun, but a couple things aren’t quite clicking.

Audience Reaction is kind of tough, but seems to be hitting. I need NUMBERS for this.

I Was Beautiful Once:

I’ll have to figure out how to rework this. Currently it’s purely narrative which possibly doesn’t work.

La Empleada

She works well in the game but doesn’t hit on some of the mechanics.

This is the playbook I’m most nervous about, it’s SO core to telenovelas but it is involved in a lot of the way that masculinity and femininity is portrayed in society. I’m hesitant to include her, but think she’s so important to have. Gotta tread carefully.

Her plot twist doesn’t hit enough at all. I think it /could/ hit all the time, but the player would need to really lean into it.

El Gemelo

El Gemelo seems to be working alright, but interestingly has so far ALWAYS been the twin of La Empleada. I’m not 100% certain why this is, but I’d like to figure out why if I can.

His (or I guess Her given what playtests have shown) Audience Reaction isn’t good enough. It triggers every scene once which is boring and maybe a little bit slow.


Currently the recaps cannot both be true, given that players seem to really like the recaps that likely shouldn’t be true so that players can do more than one.

This also essentially functions to connect players, Hook style and make our family-web.

El Jefe

People get El Jefe and have played him perfectly. He almost seems too likeable, gotta bring other characters up to this level.

Marking XP is almost too easy for him.

Plot Twist: Plata o Plomo

Really gotta rework this one, removed the mechanical benefit (a holdover from previous version) but this still needs something better. Doesn’t feel quite brawny enough.

La Pirata

It’s a tempting character that I think people are interested in, but I’ve gotten a LOT of questions as to whether it fits or not. I really think that it fits and I’m going to try to work it out, but this is currently in the lowest tier of playbooks (right alongside La Abuela)

Sin Rostro

Definitely removing ‘never’ from that. I think this actually should have a full move.

El Vividor

People have been having some fun with this one, but I’m worried it’s a little bit unclear what you should be doing. I think the core issue is that the Audience Reaction isn’t quite hitting, though I want to keep that basic feel.

Getting Real

How did I miss that it had no downside on a 7-9? Come on, Brandon

An irritatingly suave goodbye: That is, for me, the core reason I want to play El Vividor.

Plot Twist: Corporate Takeover

This definitely isn’t coming across the way I’d wanted to… Basically my thinking was that you’re playing and El Caballero is all ready to catch you doing something or El Jefe is ready to disown you and then you go, “Oh, I’m sorry… Did you not get the call from the bank? I own this hotel now and you work for me now.” I’ll see if I can figure out how to reword this.


-When you hit a specific level, you take a big risk. Poll the audience for cheers (or explicit boos) If the audience goes along with it, it keeps going up. If NOT we get a twist move from the GM?