Bienvenidos, mi amores a Pasión de las Pasiones…

Bienvenidos, mi amores a Pasión de las Pasiones…

Bienvenidos, mi amores a Pasión de las Pasiones…

With another Metatopia come and gone, there’s a whole bunch of new data from playtesting! Thank you to all of the playtesters, designers chatterers, and people enthusiastic about this little game! There is no joy like having someone come up and declare in a dramatic voice, “I heard you’re the telenovela guy… I want to be in your game.” Thank you one and all.

I had 5 playtests and in the style of telenovelas, I’m thinking I’ll try to release them over the next week!

I know that at Metatopia there were a lot of questions about the ashcan, availability of play materials, and future plans for Pasión! I’m going to have that information together as quickly as I can!

Now that I’ve really ripped the heart out of Pasión de las Pasiones and replaced it with a new better heart, I’m also going to be trying to work out more playtests. I’m not sure the best way to figure them out yet, but if you are interested DEFINITELY get in touch with me!

Additionally, if you were in one of my playtests and want to send more thoughts, ideas, or critiques my way, hit me up!

3 thoughts on “Bienvenidos, mi amores a Pasión de las Pasiones…”

  1. So, I adored playing La Doña. 🙂 I’m going to be really interested to see the ashcan and see how this runs without you as the GM, because you’re completely awesome but you also bring so much knowledge of the genre to the table.

  2. I had a blast! I do wish I’d figured out how to ramp up the evil in El Jefe to 11 quickly — maybe you could say something about how to go over the top in general in the game.

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