You can now play Pasión de las Pasiones in the comfort of your beautiful mansion looking over the sea, the very sea that your handsome love disappeared into so long- Sorry, back on track.

I want to be fully clear on what’s going on!

The ashcan of the game is done!

An ashcan is like a ‘demo’ of the game that comes out before the final version gets it’s Kickstarter. This one has 6 of the playbooks rather than the 8+ that the final version will have. It has enough to play a one shot or a handful of episodes, but doesn’t have all of the campaign support the game will eventually have! It’s a little way to get a peek inside, see the process and what’s going on with it, and offer input into it as it is built! And, of course, it’s fully playable, so you can get some passionate play in.

The pdf of the ashcan is available currently for $5 on Drivethru RPG at:

I’m not sure if that reduced price is just for the Black Friday sale or if it’s going to stick around for multiple days!

Also, there’s a print edition that’s currently out of stock available here

This one is $10 and it’s a delightful thing to carry around with you because… well, look at that cover.

The playbooks in a full on printable format are available here as well:

Thank you all for all of the support you’ve all given so far. Know that there will be more information coming as soon as I’m able to bring it AND I’m going to be DESPERATE for play reports or APs or just feedback!

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