Quick question.

Quick question.

Quick question. I apologise if it’s been asked before but I just finished up the second session of a one-shot that ended up a two-parter, and something came up that we didn’t know the answer to (these two sessions are my first and so far only experiences with MotW). If a hunter spends luck to retroactively turn a miss into a 12+, do they still mark experience for the miss? I made a quick table ruling that they wouldn’t, but we tried looking it up and from what we saw the book doesn’t explicitly say. I can kind of see the argument either way. I tried doing a search to find the answer but it didn’t come up, so I’d love to hear from y’all on how this is supposed to work.


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  1. Hm, not sure this ever came up in my playtests!

    I would not mark experience in this case, as the Luck spend means that miss never actually happened.

    That said, marking experience in this case would also be fine – nothing’s going to break due to a few extra experience marks.

  2. I’d wondered the exact same thing, and had decided to count it as a failed roll for the purposes of marking xp… luck is precious, and while you did convert the failed roll to a success ultimately, it was still a failed roll (which cost dearly to recover from).

    For me, the bigger question is, if you roll a 6 but another hunter helps out and gives you a +1, should THAT mark xp? In that case, you count it as a success and it doesn’t actually cost you anything, but the helping player DID take some risk, but that risk was countered by their potential XP reward if they failed… so I tend to think modifiers with no (current) cost to the roller (+1 forwards, +1 from help outs, etc) should not mark XP if they resolve as a success, but changes that have a significant cost should (like using luck, not sure if anything else would apply here but I’d use this rule to resolve if it ever came up). Probably a home rule, but that’s how I plan to resolve.

  3. I’m pretty sure that you do not mark XP unless the final dice roll is a 6 or less. So, if Player A gets a result of 6, and Player B helps them to bump that up to a 7, Player A does not mark XP. The game does not register their roll as a 6-, and so no XP is given.

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