25 thoughts on “Anyone thinking of putting together a PbP or PBEM game?”

  1. Nicholas Never Next thing we know these durn kids won’t believe that Miss America used to be blonde!

    (Back in what? 1946? And a very brief run. The current incarnation is much more interesting, I think. 馃榾 )

  2. Have you considered hosting the game on Tavern Keeper? There’s usually lots of people there interested in Masks. Depending on the pacing expected, I might be one of them.

  3. Would be interested in trying out a Play by post, or a live session always. I jumped on Tavern Keep though trying to figure out how you apply for games on it…..as well as the recruitment forum doesnt seem to want to swap pages.

  4. I can get one up quick-ish, but fair warning that I may be a bit slow. Most of my posting time is on the weekends (although I can usually read traffic on my lunch break, time to ponder and do the GM thing doesn’t happen much during the work week).

  5. I mean it can be more RP between Players and events on weekends mostly. How do rolls work on Tavern? since playing masks theres been same times were ive not had to roll or wait on a response of “which move would this be?”. Always seemed to be a bit back and forth on minor things with big delays and few words responses to clarify things.

    Other part was character creation/session as a whole, since back and forth with questions has taken 3+ hours in some games ive played.

  6. A wonderful idea–but text will work better than voice, I think. And I did open a discussion for char-gen chatter.

    ETA the “than voice” part, which was there in my head but not on the screen. Oops!

  7. Yeah, I ment something like instant messaging can run far more fluidly for the intensive parts sometimes. Some people dont check emails that fast/frequently which slows it down between

    each response substantially.

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