13 thoughts on “Any word on where this community will land after G+?”

  1. I’m not sure. I made one on MeWe but I don’t like that platform much. Alternatively, there’s a sub-Reddit someone made and the page on Facebook could have community interactions I think as well.

  2. Fraser Simons Other that you might look into are Tapatalk (they are offering community migrations so you don’t lose content) and Pashpost. I’m sure that there are others also.

    Whats the location on MeWe?

  3. I’ll probably not be on MeW, but the community is made. Like it or lump it, seems like a lot of people end up going there and just end up blocking people a lot, I guess? There’s not really a good alternative. People also dislike Reddit and Facebook. And migrating to a dead platform feels like it’ll just end in the same way G+is.

  4. Mischa Krilov What is the issue with hate speech there? I’ve heard about it several times, but I’ve never seen it. I haven’t found more assholes there than here, and I have all the standard tools to block/ban/report them. From my little experience so far there, Mewe communities are as good as the moderator of such community be.

    Actually most communities there are just replications of communities here, with the same people, only less active and kinda annoying for the change of interface.

    Maybe it is because I mostly take part in spanish communities and the hate thing hasn’t spread there yet.

  5. I think a lot of it has to do with what the guy in charge said about banning, and if people go looking, they find, and they won’t do anything about the reports. I haven’t seen anything either. I don’t like it as much because of the interface, but I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, personally.

  6. I’ve seen a bunch of hate speech. Lots of sex bots in popular communities just like here as well, unfortunately. I’ve had to block a few people who were definitely alt-right. One guy was arguing me that black people are inherently more stupid than other ethnicities, with disproved, outdated science to back him up. And have heard if people are doing hate speech yeah, you can report them but they do nothing. Have to block them, they’re very welcome on their platform.

    I’d rather be on twitter where there is actually a lot of people if I have to use tools to block people like that.

  7. Fraser Simons Wow… I’ve been dreading it because people are talking so much about it, but haven’t actually seen any. I guess it’s just the communities that I’ve joined, but all of them have seemed pretty welcoming.

    There is the sexbot problem, but people are starting to close open registration because of that. We had to do the same on the few communities that I moderate.

  8. Mischa Krilov If you search on G+ you find them too. I think the difference is that Google would take action. MeWe has a hands-off approach.

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